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08.04.10 It gets cleaned again!!!

Open up the season with us! Do you already know our NMP-free cleaners, JOSCHU Pica 781 and JOSCHU Pica 71? We put our money on your health!

Tip: Don't miss our shop-offer!


28.02.10 Tip - monthly offers in the A3-shop

From March 2010 forward, we offer attractive special sales in the A3-Shop. Don't miss!


23.02.10 New product catalogue

The time has come! In our new clear and user-friendly product catalogue you find all products of the A3 Oberflächensysteme GmbH together with application recommendations around the topics graffiti protection, graffiti remover and equipment on more than 10 pages for the first time.

> Read the product catalogue online!

20.02.10 NMP-free products

Your health is close to our hearts!

From the end of February forward, you receive NMP-free graffiti cleaners for professional graffiti removal.

Within a short time, our new product catalogue will follow. User-friendly, clear and with numerous application recommendations.

NMP solvent - what it is, important information, here

20.01.10 A happy & successful year 2010

We wish you and your family a happy and successful year 2010!


It depends on yourself whether you want to use the new year as a break or a an engine. (Henry Ford)

New development! Product innovation!

Clean without hazardous substances - now with our systematic cleaners JOSCHU PICA 71 and JOSCHU Pica 781.


We invest in graffiti removers without the hazardous substance NMP (N-Methyl-2pyrolodon)


Your health is close to our hearts!

03.12.09 The end of the year

A successful year draws to a close. We sincerely thank you for a convenient collaboration in 2009 and wish you and your family a reflective Christmas time and all the Best for the year 2010.

It is not possible to do something big every day, but certainly something good!

Instead of giving out Christmas presents, we support associations and establishments like the Tafel Montabaur, Dunkelziffer e.V. and World Vision Patenschaft. We are sure that this decision is also in accordance with your wishes.


NEW in the shop: Street maintenance products. Gaps and holes in your access road or courtyard? In the A3-Shop you receive according products for an easy and durable maintenance of damaged surfaces.

here you find the A3-Shop

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On the surface of buildings, walls, residential and business houses, trains, garages, traffic signs and anywhere else, where they are visible for as much people as possible – graffiti is everywhere and not only a phenomenon of major cities. Even though graffiti may be a blur of colour in some dismal and grey surroundings and there are also real artists beneath the sprayers – one thing must not be forgotten: graffiti

  • is an illegal damage to property
  • impairs the image of the building concerned
  • results in damages of the building fabric, most notably on the façade
  • has negative impacts on the structural-physical balance of the building
  • may lead to depreciation

Besides aerosol cans, the tools also employed are felt pens, labels as well as tool kits used for scratching. The outcome is enormous: up to 500 million Euros are raised in Germany for damages caused by graffiti; the secondary damages are not quantifiable. No matter if you are already afflicted with a graffiti staining or if you want to protect yourself preventatively – we are your competent contact. Permanent and temporary graffiti protection, permanent impregnation and graffiti remover rank among our product portfolio.

We recommend removing graffiti immediately, since the longer graffiti persists, the more complicated its removal becomes. Additionally, damages of the building fabric can be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, experiences show that quick removal of graffiti is likely to discourage sprayers from staining the same surface again.

Thanks to our modern graffiti-protection-systems (permanent, permanent impregnation and temporary) and graffiti remover (chemical) a rapid, easy and generally complete removal of colour scribbling is possible.

Set an example – and do not tolerate graffiti on illegal surfaces.

Team of the A
(Executive Director Degreed Engineer (Sascha Schmidt)